Why Knives? From Banking To The Butterfly

The question that always came after I told people that I was leaving the banking sector. I had been in banking for nearly ten years and it was a valid question, but the answer was the easiest one that I have ever had to formulate. It has always been knives. Knife people will understand that answer without further explanation, non-knife people may not ever understand, and that is okay.

Why knives?

Knives are simple, and have become part of my wardrobe. You can customize them, you can make them your own, and it is something that I use every single day. Whether I am cutting open a package, a loose string on my shirt, or lending it to a friend, I always have a knife on me. I am that guy, the one in the memes that is excited anytime someone asks if I have a knife. Not only because I get to show one off, but because they can feel the passion that I exude when I get to tell them about it.

How did it start?

When I was a kid, my dad and grandfather used to gift me knives, starting a chain reaction of collecting and learning. Throughout my years in high school, I would purchase, trade, and collect knives. It started with production knives, that soon led to custom knives, and then became a full-blown EDC addiction. I had to have everything that was new, great, innovative, and most importantly, genuine.

When it comes to EDC gear, the list is simple. I have the obligatory phone, wallet, and keys, but my assortment will usually include a knife, pen, bottle opener, challenge coin (depending on the day) and flashlight. You would be amazed at how many times a day I use everything in my EDC gear arsenal. It always seems that when I need something the most, I don’t have it!

Where does it go?

As a consumer, I would pay my way to Blade Show, the Gathering, and many other knife shows. I feel incredibly lucky to have turned my passion into a career. Starting in the Customer Service Department paved the way in becoming our Digital Marketing Coordinator at Benchmade, and it has been the best life decision I have ever made. I look forward to continuing to grow my relationship with the EDC Community by generating more content and conversation around one of my favorite topics, knives. In the meantime, let’s celebrate National Knife Day this August 24th with one of my favorite things to do, show you everything I have in my pockets!

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