Shane Sibert – Designer Story

For as long as he can remember, knife designer Shane Sibert has been obsessed and fascinated with knives. From his first kit knife he built to his unique classic designs that include the Adamas family of knives and the Bushcrafter, Sibert will tell you that his career certainly had humble beginnings.

“No one wanted to buy the first knives I made from scratch. I couldn’t even give them away.” said Sibert. “However, I learned through this initial experience that persistence and perseverance is key to go beyond failures.”.

And persevered he did…Developing and defining a unique style that includes flared titanium handle tubing, blade fullers and pivot accents.The knives Sibert creates today are unmistakably his. In citing his influences, Sibert gives credit to such legends as Jody Samson, Jim Hammond, George Lainhart and Jimmy Lile that helped shape his distinct style.

When asked what inspires his designs Sibert had a few different sources to reference. “Sometimes my inspiration comes from experiences and hobbies and sometimes it comes from direct input from professionals and customers.’ said Sibert. “And sometimes, I get the drive to just mix it up and explore creative impulses and translate them into steel.”

Sibert’s design process begins with drawings transferred to cardboard stencils. These stencils are then are used to create aluminum patterns that are then scribed to steel and cut to form with a bandsaw. From there, the steel is transformed by hand ground bevels and mill work followed by heat treat. At this point in Sibert’s process comes the fine tuning of the bevels, hand finishing and the sculpting of the handles.

At first glance, the 756 Micro Pocket Rocket (mPR ™) is unmistakably a Benchmade collaboration with Shane Sibert.Of course, those familiar with Sibert’s past work with Benchmade will notice it’s similarities to a past collaboration of the 755 Mini Pocket Rocket (MPR ™).However, this latest collaboration is a true evolution of the prior with one of Sibert’s goals in its creation was to incorporate a flipper in something that was slim. The 756 mPR ™ brings big style and functionality to a micro package.

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