Seiichi Nakamura – Designer Story

Seiichi Nakamura began his journey into knife making at a young age learning from skilled craftsmen working in his father’s factory. Learning the intricacies of the craft through his experiences in forging scissors and assembling pocket knives. Nakamura estimates he most likely has assembled more than one million knives in his time building production knives. Honing his skills with every knife he built, in 1984 Nakamura designed his very first knife which featured a lock back mechanism and a pair of scissors which named the Dolphin.

When asked about what defines his knife making style, he humbly replies, “Simple, user friendly and good looking.” These sentiments are of course reflected in every Nakamura custom and every Nakamura/Benchmade collaboration with every design presenting the highest attention to detail. In referencing his inspiration for his designs Nakamura speaks to remaining “curious” in essence to continually be exploring and discovering.In addition, function and overall design are huge components to his designing ethos.

With his latest Benchmade collaboration, the 486 Saibu, recalls how the initial design inspiration came to him.“When I was strolling around in the early morning I saw a house wall.” Said Nakamura. “The latticework of the wall is what directly inspired both the inlay and the base scale.”

For Nakamura, his typical design process begins with his inspiration and then transitions to a series of sketches.From there the sketches then evolve into a final drawing followed by an outline for construction of a simple model. With the model in hand small adjustments proceed to edge closer to the final iteration of the design.

Armed with years of knowledge in knife craftsmanship and an extensive understanding of production manufacturing, Seichi Nakamura’s latest Benchmade collaboration is truly a master piece.

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