Jared Oeser: A Tradition of Innovation

The symbiotic relationship between production knife manufacturers and custom makers has been integral to the evolution of knife technology for decades. Despite a distinct line in the sand, these collaborations have birthed some of the greatest innovations in knife-making. Benchmade’s history of employing the minds and hands of such collaborators has produced a plethora of iconic designs like the AXIS® lock, Griptilian®, and 940 Osborne.

Enter Jared Oeser. As an independent custom knife maker, Jared has quickly amassed a dedicated following of collectors and enthusiasts. Thanks to a keen eye for detail and an unrivaled work ethic, Jared’s passion for knife-making has become a full-time gig. Now, with the launch of the new Benchmade 601-211 Gold Class Tengu Flipper, following the debuts of the 601 Tengu Flipper and 602 Tengu Tool, Jared Oeser has stepped into the world of production knife collaborations, and it seems appropriate to shed some light on his journey to this point.

The Benchmade Tengu Family, designed by Jared Oeser.
Photo: @mjamesclarke

Back Spring

Born and raised in Utah, Jared developed an obsession with knives and artistic design at an early age. His first knife – a Case slippy – was a gift from his grandfather. His burgeoning love of sharp objects and artistic endeavors found an early advocate in neighbor and knife-maker, David Lang. “Dave moved into my neighborhood the same time my parents did, back when I wasn’t even a year old yet. I have known him my whole life and have memories of going to his shop as a kid and watching him grind on steel,” explains Oeser. The combination of Jared’s nostalgia for his grandpa’s pocket knives, his passion for art, and his fondness for those days spent in Dave’s workshop lit the fire of his bright future in the knife world.

Half Stop

In 2008, while Jared was working as a builder, the housing market imploded, and the economy went into recession. Seeking new opportunity, he decided to try his hand at knife making. He worked up the courage and asked Dave to teach him the ropes.

Jared’s first completed knife would ultimately serve as the basis for his Uinta Bushcrafter, but despite his first project being a hardy fixed-blade, slip joints, like those his grandfather carried, were ultimately the goal. As he revealed in 2012, “After making my first few slip joints, I showed one to my friend and mentor David Lang. He was so impressed he asked me to make him one. You can imagine my surprise and how honored I felt. I gladly agreed.”

Uinta Bushcrafter
Photo: Jared Oeser


In knife design, form and function intimately intertwine. In Jared’s case, his desire to become a knife maker was deeply-rooted in a love for artistic expression. “That thought is what inspires you, seeing something hip and cool. The knife has to be functional, has to be comfortable, and it can’t be ugly. I have a big background in art, and if it does not look good, it’s a waste of time. I try not to sacrifice either one.”

602 Pry Tip - Bottle Opener
Pry Tip and Bottle Opener Feature on 602 Tengu Tool

You can trace many stylistic influences out from his various designs. It’s easy to spot the traditional elements in his work, particularly in his affinity for slip joint folders. And yet, his knives also have a timeless, post-modern aesthetic that, on paper at least, might seem to conflict with those classical roots. But like all true craftsmen, Oeser binds it all together in a unique examination of the “Modern-Traditional” knife movement.


Jared’s process begins with his favorite medium: pencil & paper. Sometimes, Jared may draw inspiration from something someone says or something he sees, and an idea will come to him fully-formed. When that isn’t the case, the inspiration comes by drawing different blade and handle shapes, mixing and rearranging them to home in on what feels right. Competitions with other designers can also get the creative juices flowing. The Tengu Tool, a smaller, friction-folding version of the Tengu with a bottle opener and pry tool, was born out of such a competition.

Jared’s Sketch-to-Prototype Process
Photo: Jared Oeser

Once he zeroes in on a design, Jared trades pencil & paper for AutoCAD. The process of translating a 2D sketch into a 3D model helps designers work out issues like ergonomics, structural weaknesses, and machineability. Jared’s proficiency in Computer-Aided Design ensures the tight tolerances and precision machining required in modern knife and tool fabrication.


Jared’s knack for traditionally-grounded innovation is especially evident in his famous Tengu, which takes its cues from classic Japanese design elements. The name “Tengu” refers to a type of supernatural protective demon in Japanese folklore.

Originally a slip joint, his most popular knife sprung from a simple customer request: Make a small slippy with a tanto blade. He selected the size and geometry based on fitting a pivot and stop pin into the handle, and built out from there. The Tengu Flipper, which is the basis of our first collaboration with Jared, was a response to those seeking a locking blade in the Tengu form-factor.

The new 601-211 Gold Class Tengu Flipper marries Jared’s artful concept with the premium production craftsmanship of our Gold Class knifemakers, using premium materials to accentuate the brilliance of his original design. Bi-Frost pattern Damasteel, black and white marbled carbon fiber, Raffir Blue Uranium Waves backspacer, and sapphire blue hardware combine in a colorway inspired by the wintery cold of Scandinavia.

601-211 Gold Class Tengu Flipper
Photo: @everlastingember

Venturing into the realm of production collaborations, Jared says that the most exciting part for him is the final product. “I like seeing it come alive. Taking it from a concept to something in your hand, and it works, that’s my favorite part, seeing that first one come out, seeing something new.”

Jared’s desire to create, crafting functional art, is the consistent through-line of his work. On taking the plunge into knife-making, he says “I just started doing something and stuck with it.” This deceptively simple sentiment belies the true driving force behind what he does: for Jared Oeser, it’s about the fun, not the money.


Jared is a proud father and husband living in his home state of Utah. For him, family comes first, and that’s evident from the minute you engage with him. When he’s not busy making knives, the former collegiate athlete can be found outside, playing with his kids. He shares with his family a passion for basketball, football, and soccer.

That may be the best way to describe Jared Oeser: Passionate. You can feel it in all his work. His one-of-a-kind style is functional art. It’s steeped in tradition, oozing class, and pushing the boundaries of modern knife aesthetics at the same time. No one else is making anything quite like a Jared Oeser knife right now.

We’re proud and excited to partner with Jared as his first foray into production knife manufacturing, and the new 601-211 Gold Class Tengu Flipper presents the fruits of that partnership in a striking and superlative fashion. We relish the opportunity to work with creative and inspiring people like Jared, and we can’t wait to see what he does next.

601-211 Gold Class Tengu Flipper
Photo: @everlastingember


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