The Knife Nerd’s Knife

For young adventurers and collectors, there are few things in life that rival the excitement of receiving your first knife. Whether it was purchased with a hard-earned allowance, passed down by a mentor, or even found along a hiking trail, knives are a common celebration for an individual’s coming-of-age moment. Regardless of the quality or practicality, that first knife will always hold a special place in their collection. Over the years these collections tend to evolve as disposable income becomes more prevalent, allowing the individual to experiment with more expensive knives and accessories. Users frequently begin to accessorize their collections around a specific theme or need, as items like minimalist wallets, compact flashlights, high-end pens, pocket knives, and even key chains are thrown into the mix.

In recent years, the term EDC (Everyday Carry) has seen a surge in popularity. While the concept itself is nothing new, the EDC community continues to grow larger and larger. Social media platforms have become laden with eye-catching imagery of personal collections appropriately termed “pocket-dumps”, or my personal favorite, “pocket-vomit”, as a way to show off and spark conversation around a specific item or selection of gear. Inevitably, this community has very specific tastes regarding materials, colors, and designs, making it tough for manufacturers to always hit their mark.

This year, our team wanted to make a knife that would cater to those with specific tastes. Building off the shoulders of a previously released model (the Freek 560), the designers at Benchmade gave the knife a material overhaul that resulted in the new Freek 560-1. The original dual-durometer handle materials were exchanged for a textured G10, featuring tones of red, grey, and black. Anodized red standoffs and a coated CPM-M4 blade replaced the closed backspacer and CPM-S30V blade of the initial design, as a nod to the aesthetic and material preferences of many EDC users. Many hardcore collectors like to customize their knives to suit their personal preferences, but we’re confident that shy of a lanyard or pocket clip, the factory configuration of the 560-1 Freek will nullify the need to change materials.

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  1. I am trying to replace my scales on a surge but I’m having trouble finding anything due to the age of the design. Is there any other knife that has the same blue print that I could us different scales?

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