2019 Holiday Gift Guide: Tactical

As we are gearing up for Christmas and the holidays, Benchmade wants to share our top picks for the best tactical gifts this season. The products featured below are some of our favorites here at The Benchmade Knife Company and best sellers. When it comes to buying a tactical knife for someone in the military, law enforcement, or any tactical enthusiast, we have you covered with Christmas and holiday gift ideas for 2019!

Hopefully, this gives you the ammunition to buy the perfect tactical gift for the enthusiast in your life. Thanks for watching and keep an eye out for our Outdoor and Hunting Gift Guide, followed by our EDC Gift Guide. Make your purchase now!

Featured Products in this Gift Guide:

3300BK Infidel – https://www.benchmade.com/3300bk.html

4600DLC-1 Phaeton – https://www.benchmade.com/4600dlc-1.html

4300-1 CLA – https://www.benchmade.com/4300-1.html

980SBK Turret – https://www.benchmade.com/980sbk.html

375 Family – https://www.benchmade.com/fixed-adamas-family.html

173BK Mini SOCP – https://www.benchmade.com/173bk.html

Edge Maintenace Tool – https://www.benchmade.com/edc-edge-maintenance-tool.html

Tactical Jacket – https://www.benchmade.com/tactical-jacket.html

Tactical Hat – https://www.benchmade.com/gray-tactical-hat.html


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