Service That Goes Beyond The Product

For any company, there should be a commitment to their customers. This is a core principle here at Benchmade. It starts with the most fundamental commitment; making product that meets the needs of our customers and stands up to the rigors of those needs. Here, it goes further, to ensuring the products perform for life. Even when a knife begins to break down, the Benchmade LifeSharp Team stands ready to service and repair any Benchmade.

There is an even deeper level of commitment to customers that goes well beyond the product itself, and that is the act of giving back. We have many customers and each have values that align with our core culture and company. Hunters and outdoor recreationalists who value access, conservation and the future of our wild outdoors. Everyday carry enthusiasts, who value their right to carry on a daily basis. Military, law enforcement, and first responders, who face great dangers by handling threats that jeopardize the relative safety of our freedom, lives, and businesses.

These people matter to us, and these values matter to us.

When Benchmade employees began receiving knives that had been burnt in Paradise, California’s Camp Fire, the most destructive and deadliest fire in the history of the state, they began to ask, “What can we do?” and “How might we encourage others to join in the support with us?”. There were more than 14,000 homes burned in the fires; including the homes of many fire fighters and police officers.

“Having worked with a customer that lost his collection of Benchmade knives in the Camp Fire, I reflected on the experience over the following days. I thought about Benchmade and the kind of company we are. I thought about what we could do to show these individuals our support, and felt that we could do more than just replace the damaged knives as we had done with this customer. Although the media coverage has subsided, these people are still feeling the impact immensely, especially the first responders in that community that lost homes of their own.” states Nellie, Benchmade Customer Service Representative. Nellie brought her idea back to the company, initiating the desire to get involved.

Those people, who ran towards the flames, whose duty it was (and still is) to protect us, lost greatly in these fires as well. Just as they felt it was their duty to protect us, we feel it is our duty, to support them. To support their community, their families and themselves.

We know that it can NEVER satisfy the sacrifice they made and continue to make every day they put on their uniforms, but we had to think of a way to give back. A way to say THANK YOU for all that they are and do.

And to continue the season of giving, we are giving back a portion of every sale on through the end of January to the Tracy California Highway Patrol’s Explorer Post 266. Post 266 is one of the closest posts to Paradise with the appropriate tax credentials to receive a donation. Our team has been working with personnel at Post 266, and will be following up with an update once the donation has been completed and delivered to the first responders of Paradise. Like many other local posts, these individuals provided additional support to Paradise’s first responders and law enforcement personnel that lost their homes in the fire. Our intention is to show these men and women that their service is valued and appreciated, far beyond the town of Paradise.

Thank you for all you do.

-The Benchmade Team

**UPDATE 2/10/2019**

With the help of our incredible customer base, we were able to raise $5,000 for the first responders of Paradise and their families.

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