Custom Knife Stories: From Our Hands To Yours

Beyond their inherent function, knives tell a story. From the adventures they’ve been a part of to the accomplishments they were intended to commemorate, knives are more than just a tool for many. For those seeking more than the standard factory options, our Custom Knife Builder has provided individuals with an opportunity to personalize some of our most popular designs. A variance of colors, materials, and shapes helps those looking to create a unique design of their own. We’ve gathered four knives that our employees have customized as gifts, as well as the stories to go along with them.

Emily’s Custom Crooked River

When I told my husband I was applying for a position at Benchmade his face lit up with excitement. My husband, Mikael, was in the Marine Corps and was issued a Benchmade on his deployment to Iraq. Mikael had lost his Benchmade a few years prior. The quality and reliability never faded from his memory, so he was pulling for me to get this job. Fast forward a month and I was offered a position with Benchmade and both my husband and I were elated.

I knew I would never be able to replace the importance of his deployment knife, but, I wanted to do something special for him to remind him of his time in the Marine Corps and his connection to Benchmade. I decided to make him a custom built knife and tie in the Marine Corps logo and gold coloring. Mikael was overwhelmed with the gift, and while I wish he would carry it every day, it sits more as a collector’s piece with the rest of his military memorabilia.

Carolanne’s Custom Mini Griptillian

Growing up in a small California town where it was better to be safe than sorry, my adventure seeking, risk taking sister stuck out like a sore thumb. At the age of 20, moving to the PNW was her biggest adventure of all. With a calling to explore among the trees being prepared for the unexpected is a must. I wanted to welcome her to the state I call home and knew exactly what she needed! Nope, not rain coat! A custom Mini Griptillian. It’s well rounded design allows her to confidently explore the rose city, open amazon packages and prep trout in the depths of the Deschutes all with one knife. Our custom knife builder really allowed me to make this knife special, with the olive drab handle and fir tree laser marking this knife is a nod to her love of nature. I always look forward to hearing about what she has been up to and I know, because she has a Benchmade, she will be ready for whatever comes her way.

Troy’s Custom Mini Crooked River

The motivation behind the knife I designed is a simple one. My cousin Taylor was in need of a new knife, and having recently graduated from Oregon State University I wanted to customize a knife that mimicked his school colors of orange and black. Hunting and fishing have been a strong tradition in our family, so I felt as though the Mini Crooked River would be a knife that he could make use of from the office, to the field. The knife originated from our Hunt Series, but has become incredibly popular as an everyday carry option as well. It’s classy, functional, and the Custom Knife Builder allowed me to incorporate a few Beaver undertones as I built his knife. Taylor worked hard for his degree, and I knew this knife was going to work as hard as he did. Luckily he’s moved up to Portland since graduating, so I get to see the knife in action on a regular basis!

Aimee’s Custom Griptillian

Customizing knives gives us the ability to take an everyday tool and turn it into a creation of self-expression. One that as we go through our every day lives we share with the people we cross paths with. When you couple that with the quality of a Benchmade knife you have the potential to create a memento that can be passed down through the generations. Every time I create a knife I want it to be something that represents the person in an authentic way. This knife was created for a good friend of mine, who like me, loves outdoor adventures. OD green is his favorite color and the serrated tanto blade fits his military background.

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  1. Josh Lucas says:

    How can i make a custom order or can i? Ive been wanting a clever style blade in a auto action.. If possible please let me know Benchmade is the only knife i use ive seen others from different companies but its not yalls..

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