Blade Steel 101: Get to Know Your Benchmade Blade

January 8, 2021

Originally used by alchemists to describe the process of extracting metals from rocks and minerals, the term Metallurgy encompasses a host of science and engineering disciplines which study, test, and create new metal alloys. In the knife world, “blade steel” refers to a constantly-expanding list of materials that each have unique chemical and physical properties […]

Introducing The Edge Of Perfection

January 1, 2019

He has watched as the knife industry has grown from a small underground community of knife makers, into a burgeoning industry defined by creativity and manufacturing technology. Jon de Asis talks with us about the future of Benchmade regarding the company’s new manifesto for 2019: The Edge of Perfection…

The Next Generation

November 1, 2018

Today Benchmade is pleased to announce that Jon deAsis, son of our Founder and CEO, Les de Asis, is assuming the role of President. Jon deAsis grew up with the Benchmade brand, spending his life learning the family business and preparing himself through various roles within and outside of the company…