My “Old Faithful” | Josh Nevelson

May 3, 2022

Life is all about change. We change schools, and we move in and out of homes. Friends come and go, and jobs begin and end. Humans tend to resist change, seeking things like safety, consistency, reliability, and stability instead. For better or worse, it’s nice to have an ‘Old Faithful’ to give you that comfort; […]

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The Wild Life: Chelsea Cassens On Our Public Lands

September 26, 2020

My personal passion for public lands comes from the generations that preceded me, who exposed me to the beauty of the outdoors and built memories of love, peace, and tranquility. They taught me the importance of having a voice, and to advocate for what is important to me.

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Behind The Lens With Flylords

March 23, 2020

With cabin fever at all time high, we wanted to take a break from the chaos and sit down (virtually, of course) with Flylords’ Founder and President, Jared Zissu…

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My Journey As A Female Hunter: Shelby Heinrichs

September 23, 2019

When people tell me I can’t do something due to my gender, I see an opportunity to prove them wrong. Have I failed a time or two? Absolutely, but it’s never stopped me from trying…

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Having A Knife In His Bag Helped One Officer Get a Winning Edge

August 1, 2019

Randy Bedard, a police officer who works abroad in Europe, knows that there isn’t such a thing as a “predictable day” in law enforcement.

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A Sliver Of Wild

July 3, 2019

How remote does a space need to be for you to consider it wild? Is it rugged mountains, sprawling wildflower meadows, or vast expanses of rushing water carving its way through rocky canyons?

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Protecting Our Outdoor Heritage

March 23, 2019

For many hunters across the country, the winter months can be a confusing and awkward stretch of time, as most hunting seasons have quieted down with little to no overlap.

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Q&A with Steven Rinella: How to Raise an Outdoor Kid

December 12, 2018

Getting the young ones interested in the outdoors can be a daunting task. With adverse weather and conditions, keeping kids quiet, still, and engaged is easier said than done. MeatEater’s Steven Rinella provides insights regarding his own personal approach.

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Custom Knife Stories: From Our Hands To Yours

December 9, 2018

Beyond their inherent function, knives tell a story. From the adventures they’ve been a part of to the accomplishments they were intended to commemorate, knives are more than just a tool for many. For those seeking more than the standard factory options, our Custom Knife Builder has provided individuals with an opportunity to personalize some of our most popular designs…

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The Next Generation

November 1, 2018

Today Benchmade is pleased to announce that Jon deAsis, son of our Founder and CEO, Les de Asis, is assuming the role of President. Jon deAsis grew up with the Benchmade brand, spending his life learning the family business and preparing himself through various roles within and outside of the company…

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