Why Knives? From Banking To The Butterfly

August 25, 2019

The question that always came after I told people that I was leaving the banking sector. I had been in banking for nearly ten years and it was a valid question, but the answer was the easiest one that I have ever had to formulate. It has always been knives. Knife people will understand that […]

Ultralight Evolution

May 23, 2019

Two years ago, the team at Benchmade set out to design a knife that was ultralight, yet uncompromising in regards to performance. With the industry trending towards lighter and stronger, we felt there was no better time to define a new standard for lightweight folding pocket knives. “Just search the term ultralight backpacking on the […]

A Modernized Heritage

April 3, 2019

It’s easy to get caught up in the nuances of mechanisms, designs, and technologies as a manufacturer these days. With such rapid growth throughout the industry, we’ve come to enjoy new opportunities to take a step back and infuse traditional designs with modern technology and material on a production level. For those that have grown […]

A Knife For Your Toughest Days

January 14, 2019

Benchmade is no stranger to the “tough as nails” mentality, with a history of designs that include the Presidio, Adamas, Rift, and Contego platforms. Incorporating some of the most durable materials on the market, tactical designs have come to epitomize rugged style, strength, and hard-use functionality…

The Knife Nerd’s Knife

January 11, 2019

This year, our team wanted to make a knife that would cater to those with specific tastes. Building off the shoulders of a previously released model, the Freek 560, the designers at Benchmade gave the knife a material overhaul that resulted in the new Freek 560-1.

IntroducingThe 535-191 Bugout®

January 8, 2019

For years, Gold Class designs have given our team a unique opportunity to flex a little creative muscle. Eye-catching materials, heightened attention to smaller details, and subtle hidden features are intended to provide a touch of class to popular production designs that will cater to enthusiasts and collectors alike…

Custom Knife Stories: From Our Hands To Yours

December 9, 2018

Beyond their inherent function, knives tell a story. From the adventures they’ve been a part of to the accomplishments they were intended to commemorate, knives are more than just a tool for many. For those seeking more than the standard factory options, our Custom Knife Builder has provided individuals with an opportunity to personalize some of our most popular designs…

Employee Holiday Picks

November 25, 2018

With the holidays on the horizon, it’s time to start thinking about gifts that fit the varying personalities of friends and family members. Knives are a classic gift item that can span a wide range of applications, making it easy to find a knife that truly embodies the character of the individual receiving it…