Art Of The Pursuit Part 3: Day Trippers

One of the most important factors to success as a hunter, is time in the woods. As nice as it would be to spend an entire Fall season afield, life has its limitations. We are in the final week of Benchmade’s Art Of The Pursuit Contest, highlighting our picks for single day adventure, and there is still time to win the grand prize drawing on October 11th! That being said, these items are our “must haves” when you’re hunting and scouting close to the truck or cabin.

Mapping Software

No matter how or where you hunt, GPS capability will inevitably come in handy at some point or another. For the most part, smartphones have taken the place of standalone GPS, providing a comfortable interface to mark, track, and research hunting locale. OnX Maps Hunt App allows users to save maps for fully functional use without cell service. The OnX Hunt app makes it easy to identify land boundaries, wildlife management units, and a myriad of other features. Hunting out of state? Use OnX’s service on your desktop to understand the lay of the land prior to ever setting foot in the unit. The more time you spend with the app, the more you’ll realize how capable the software is.

OnX Maps employee Zach Sandau records a herd of antelope using the Phone Skope


Hunting isn’t always the main objective of quick day trips as an outdoorsman or woman. Whether you’re surveying new country or keeping tabs on an animal, scouting is an integral part of success. Some days it’s easiest to cover ground with your eyes as opposed to feet. Therefore, the strain of hunching over optics for hours is inevitable. Thankfully Phone Skope manufactures a wide variety of adapters to quickly pair your smartphone and optic of choice. In addition to your phone, there are Phone Skope adapters that will affix your digital camera if you’re in the market for a higher quality video/photo. Kick back, relax, and wait for that buck to bed, or simply watch your buddy blow their stalk in comfort…

Photo Courtesy of Dylan Dowson

Binocular Harness

Accessibility and organization is mandatory when it comes to gear. The sad reality is that optics can be easily forgotten when they aren’t anchored to your person in some manner (Don’t worry, we’ve all done it). Having tried many binocular systems, we’ve come to love Marsupial Gear’s Binocular Pack, Rangefinder Pouch, and Padded Mesh Harness. Marsupial’s streamlined system provides quick access and storage, centralizing some of your most important items. The packs have ample room for calls, windcheck powder, and your phone, in addition to binoculars and a rangefinder. With multiple sizes, colors, and accessories, Marsupial has truly perfected the bino harness. Did we mention that they’re manufactured in the good ol’ US of A?

Photo Courtesy of Nick Schmit

Game Calls

Speaking the language of your target species can be an incredibly effective method for locating and attracting game when time is sparse. From turkey to elk, calling elicits a heart pounding volley of sound that has a way of resonating with you long after a hunt has ended. Regardless of the species, there’s no surprise in the fact that we’re big fans of Phelps Game Calls. Whether we’re hunkered down in a duck blind, waiting for a tom to come down from the roost, or closing the distance on a big bull, you can bet there’s a Phelps call in the mix.

In this article, we’re going to focus on our favorite species to converse with; elk. For tubes, the Unleashed Bugle Tube is affectionately referred to as “The Cannon” in our camp of friends. Capable of producing loud and authentic sound, this tube is a great option when you aren’t worried about conserving space on a quick trip. To compliment the Unleashed Tube, Phelps’ new Pitch Black Series diaphragms comes in three different stretches ranging from soft vocalizations, to canyon piercing location bugles. If using diaphragms for cow calls isn’t your specialty, the EZ-Estrus is a great option to round out your arsenal.


Regardless of whether or not you’ve had a successful hunt, there’s always a need for keeping things cool. Coolers have come a LONG way over the past twenty years, as rotomolded coolers have become the norm for outdoor adventurers. Capable of retaining ice for up to a week, the Yeti Tundra allows you to keep food, drink, or game meat chilled long enough to make it home. The variety of sizes offered in the Tundra allows you to dial in the optimal volume for your pursuits.

Staff Pick: 15001-2 Saddle Mountain Skinner

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  1. TB says:

    Don’t forget a good all-around day pack!!
    Badlands Pursuit Pack.
    Unconditional Lifetime Warranty. If anything happens to your pack, they’ve got it covered. Seriously. And if you have a question if they cover something, yea they cover that too.

  2. John says:

    Good article ,to bad you profiled yeti coolers,lots of other patriotic suppliers out there with great products.
    Companies that perform and love our constitutional 2a rights- unfortunate.

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