Outlast The Competition, Outwork Yourself

In a day and age where knives have become increasingly specialized for specific uses or lifestyles, it can be hard to find a knife that will do it all. Short of purchasing a multi-tool, many professionals end up having to carry and maintain a variety of individual tools that are necessary to the functions of their job. While this may not seem like the end of the world to someone that is required to wear a vest on duty, keeping track of your tools can become a difficult task, especially when adrenaline is running high. Having produced a variety of knives and tools for first-responders over the years, our team wanted to create a comprehensive knife that could handle the rigors of duty for paramedics, search and rescue personnel, and firefighters. Enter, the 365 Outlast.

365 Blades

The new 365 Outlast is our latest addition to a line of rescue products that include rescue hooks, the Triage family, and the SOCP Rescue Tool. From these pre-existing models, we took the most commonly used features and built them into the Outlast. This knife is a first of its kind for Benchmade, running two full length blades on the same pivot and patent-pending lock, making it easy for users to access and disengage each blade with one hand. Similar to the AXIS® lock, the new 365’s locking mechanism is appropriately titled the OPTION™ lock.

The primary blade is a traditional fine-edge drop-point cut from CPM-S30V, while the secondary option is a fully serrated opposing bevel CPM-3V blade for hard use tasks and abrasive cutting power. Introduced with the 200 Puukko, CPM-3V has redefined our company standard for toughness. The primary blade is engaged by a traditional thumbstud, whereas the secondary blade can be deployed by a rectangular hole that doubles as an O2 wrench. The textured G10 handles leave enough space to access the O2 wrench without having to open the blade. 

Working off of two of the most popular features to our Triage family, our team chose to integrate a carbide tipped glass breaker, intended to shatter tempered glass windows with ease. In addition to the glass breaker, the 365 Outlast has a safety hook hidden in the handle of the knife, capable of cutting seatbelts, clothing, and even pesky clamshell packaging. These hooks serve as an invaluable option for those looking to cut materials that lay in close proximity to the victim, which pose increased risk of harm if a traditional knife blade were to be used during the extraction.

In short, we understand the varying demands of life as a first-responder and want to provide a centralized tool that is capable of meeting said demands. The 365 Outlast is an innovative addition to our 2019 lineup, serving those that serve us. You never know what the next call with throw your way and when time is of the essence, it’s nice to know that you have a product that you can rely on. Thank you to our friends at Molalla Fire Department, and all first responders around the world.

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