The Thought Behind A Modern Classic

For those drawn to outdoor adventure, choosing the perfect knife can be an ever evolving game of trial and error. It’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics of a knife, especially when the majority of shopping is done online. The rubber will inevitably meet the road when an opportunity arises to get that knife out in the field. Our recent release of the 200 Puukko, blends modern materials with a traditional Scandinavian silhouette to create a reliable quiver killer that anyone can find a use for. 

Having dabbled in outdoor fixed blade designs for years, our team set out to create a functional outdoor knife that covers a broad spectrum of applications. “We want to inspire people to get outside, have fun, and use their knives.” says Product Line Manager Hans Albing, in regards to the motivation behind the design. The Puukko is more of a nod to a 1,000 year old design than it is an attempt to reinvent the wheel. The Finnish puukko design has been a staple in outdoor recreation and bushcraft for centuries, filling the needs of everyone from hunters to homesteaders. Whether it’s a camping trip in the backcountry or bushcrafting in the backyard, the Puukko is bound to impress users with its inherent versatility in any environment.

Bearing utility in mind, this knife is the first Benchmade model to incorporate the use of CPM-3V; an incredibly tough tool steel that has become popular amongst the outdoor knife community given its ability to take a beating. Fitted with a rubberized Santoprene handle, the Puukko offers users comfort and security when spending prolonged periods of time with the knife in hand. The blade’s overall length of 8.25” provides just enough knife to handle hard-use tasks without compromising space on the belt, or in the backpack. For those interested in starting fire (In all honesty, who isn’t?), the 90° spine and fire steel loop on the sheath are built to accommodate a variety of Ferro rods.

Now that the knife has been released to the public, we couldn’t think of a better group to review the knife than Maarten and Mikkie B from Dutch Bushcraft Knives. There may have been an inkling of desire to create a knife that would make the Dutch Bushcraft Knives “Top 5 Favorite Knives List”, according to Hans, a longtime fan of DBK videos. As the name of their business suggests, Mikkie B and Maarten have a passion for bushcraft and outdoor knife designs. DBK started posting videos professionally in 2016 through their YouTube channel based out of the Netherlands, in an effort to entertain and educate viewers regarding knives and outdoor gear. Each video focuses on a specific knife or piece of gear, walking the viewers through the pros and cons of every feature. These videos serve as an honest and comedic resource for those looking to research their next purchase, or develop and improve their bushcrafting skills.

Having recently sent a pair of Puukkos to the Netherlands, we had a chance to catch up with Mikkie B and Maarten to gather their initial thoughts on the design. “Those bastards did it…this is going to be a hit” exclaimed Maarten. Between the comfort of the handle and the fact that the Puukko is constructed of their “bloody favourite steel” CPM-3V, Mikkie B and Maarten were excited to put the knife through its paces in a gauntlet of feathersticking, batoning, and carving. The duo filmed the Puukko performing alongside some of their favorite knives, and formed the opinion that the Puukko is the best bushcraft knife for the money. While the knife hasn’t officially made their top 5 yet, we have confidence that it is well on its way

UPDATE: 200 Puukko voted best new outdoors fixed blade

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